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“We believe in the infinite power of a life changing smile; we exhibit this in all that we do.”






    Dr Cohen - Seattle Study Club

    “The first thing that I recognized about those Aurum guys was that these guys have it.  They have integrity, they are caring, they could be great for our members because they want to grow with our members…”

    “After meeting them, I recognized that they paralleled us in a lot of the things that we wanted for the Seattle Study Club and its members.”

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    Dr. Michael Cohen – Seattle Study Club®
  • Dr. Christian Coachman -DSD (Digital Smile Design)

    “For me, having a lab, an institution, like Aurum that believes in the DSD concept is amazing, an honour, and I believe that with this partnership we will be able to help many dentists all over North America.”


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    Dr. Christian Coachman -DSD (Digital Smile Design)
  • DR Thomas BW

    “You have top dental technicians here at Aurum Ceramic and it is very important that you roll with the times.  Anything that is new and exciting in the dental profession, Aurum Ceramic is right at the front to embrace it and make it a part of their function.”

    Dr. Norman R. Thomas, PhD, DDS, MB, BSc