Dental Anatomy Artisan

What is a Dental Anatomy Artisan?

According to, the profession of Dental Laboratory Technology is:

  • “An art because each restoration is unique to each patient. The restoration must imitate or improve the beauty and the function of the patient’s natural dentition and be in harmony with the rest of the system. The technician’s greatest challenge is to create a restoration that looks and feels completely natural in the patient’s mouth.

  • A science that is advancing rapidly. In order to fabricate the fixed or removable dental prostheses, dental technicians must have a keen knowledge and understanding of tooth anatomy, masticatory functions and the materials and processes utilized in the creation of such devices. A variety of high-tech materials, such as zirconia, ceramics (i.e. lithium disilicate, feldspatic porcelains), plastics (i.e. PMMA, acrylics, composite resins) and metal alloys (i.e. metal substructures, implants, attachments, wires) are utilized in dental laboratories.

  • Driven by technology today more than ever. In the past decade, technology has taken over dentistry. In fact, the biggest dental advancements came from the field of dental laboratory technology in the form of computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technologies. Today, CAD/CAM is utilized as an integral part of the laboratory’s everyday practice. With these technological advances and those to come, there is a very high demand for dental designers who can design and assist in manufacturing of CAD/CAM restorations. Because of these advances, aspiring dental lab technicians should take courses in computer skills and programming.”

At The Arum Group, a dental laboratory, we digitally design our products for precision and hand finish them for perfection.  We believe in the infinite power of a life changing smile and we exhibit this in everything that we do.

Our job is to make you smile!

Ask your Dentist for an AurumSmile™ today!



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